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The Digital Restaurant: April 08, 2024

Imagine your dinner zooming to your doorstep, no driver in sight - that's the future we're unpacking as Waymo and Uber blaze trails with driverless deliveries right here in Arizona. The roads to cost reduction and safety enhancements are mapped out in a captivating discussion, where we navigate through the impact on tipping culture and the potential for marketplace delivery services to thrive. Then, in a personal twist, I share a laugh-out-loud debate: when celebrating milestones, should one opt for car-shaped dumplings or the real deal?

When the screens go dark and the systems crash, how do digital restaurants keep the burger flipping and the dough rising? We're examining the lessons learned from tech outages that left giants like McDonald's and Panera in a bind. With insights from industry experts, we strategize on defending against cyber threats and maintaining customer trust amidst digital disruption. Plus, we look beyond the IT department for answers, exploring how entire teams can become cyberspace sentinels.

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