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“It’s time for every restaurant to evolve beyond their four walls. Sandland and Orsbourn explain why consumers are demanding improved off-premise convenience and how technology is enabling new ways to interact with food. As an owner, executive, investor or general manager, this is a MUST read.” 

Greg Creed

Former CEO - Yum Brands


“Any aspiring or current leader in the food industry will love Delivering the Digital Restaurant. It will help you build your unique vision for how a restaurant wins in the years ahead.”

Kat Cole

Former President - Focus Brands

"The next frontier for restaurants is to expand hospitality through technology.  This book reads as a how-to guide for restaurateurs looking to apply technology to benefit the consumer, not just tech for the sake of tech."

Danny Meyer

CEO Union Square Hospitality Group & Founder, Shake Shack

“What an informative and cutting-edge read. The industry has never had a book like this: the business of restaurants.  If you’re in the restaurant industry, it could be the most important book you ever buy.”  

Betsy & Matt Borland

Founders & Owners of East End Tap & Table in
Lexington, KY

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