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The Digital Restaurant: March 25, 2024

Could your next meal be crafted by artificial intelligence? Tune in as we unwrap the layers of a tech-charged restaurant revolution, where NVIDIA's silicon brains may soon whisk up your dinner while unified commerce cooks up a seamlessly interconnected dining experience. We've sliced into the heart of the pizza-making world at the Vegas Pizza Expo, savored the digital-only innovation of Chick-fil-A's New York experiment, and peppered in Joe Kaskowski's seasoned insights. Our journey through the industry isn’t just about tasting the future; it's about savoring the rich blend of tradition and tech.

This week's menu also serves up a hearty discussion on the financial tech shake-up with Loop AI, stirring the pot on the sticky issues of third-party delivery woes. As we sift through the grit of transaction tracking and untangle the spaghetti of chargebacks and cancellations, we're seasoning our conversation with a dash of legislative spice from Florida's latest direct communication laws. It's a full course of strategizing and storytelling, plated with a side of personal experiences and a sprinkle of human essence that no robot chef could ever replicate.

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