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How to buy your NFT for Delivering the Digital Restaurant

What would a book about the future of an industry be, without some reference to the industry of NFT's that are taking the world by storm. Creators are flocking to the NFT platform across music, gaming, art, and books.


Now, you can own a unique part of the Delivering the Digital Restaurant cover-art family through 10 previously unseen designs that also grant the owner a signed copy of a 1st edition book (together with an exclusive embossed NFT token). 

To be able to purchase an NFT, you'll need to:


1) Own some cryptocurrency (ideally Ethereum) by buying it from a digital currency exchange (such as Coinbase). Register with Coinbase first through this link.


2)  A crypto wallet (such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet) to transfer some of your cryptocurrency from your exchange account to your wallet


3) An account on a marketplace (such as OpeaSea) to link your crypto wallet to that marketplace so you can buy NFTs

Be prepared to upload documents like driving licenses and proof of identity. 

More information can be found via OpenSea's resource center here to walk you through these steps but feel free to email us with any questions too.


4) When ready, head to our marketplace here to peruse the NFT's still available.  We look forward

to having you join our exclusive group of owners of what we hope will be a very important piece of work to support the restaurant industry. 

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