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MONDAY MINUTE: May 09, 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Chipotle, Chick Fil-A, and Panera sees 60-70% orders through their direct channel, DoorDash released their Q1 results, Nextbite releases financial consolidation support, Reef lays off 5% of their workforce, and Sweetgreen released their Q1 results and what you can learn from them. All these headlines and more represent our thoughts and views on the world of restaurants, technology and off premise food in our round up of the last week’s hot news stories - subscribe today to the Monday Minute and register at for more bonus content.

Articles mentioned in the video:

[00:32] Food on Demand data session highlights customers choose a preferred ordering lane with Chipotle, Chick Fill’s and Panera seeing 60-70% orders going through their direct 1st party channel.

[03:07] DoorDash Q1 results

[07:17] Nextbite releases financial consolidation support.

[09:29] Reef lays off 5% of its workforce

[10:17] Sweetgreen Q1 results


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