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Discover the future of dining with us as we unravel the latest technological marvels transforming the restaurant industry. You'll get an insider's look at how digital advancements like kiosk ordering and mobile pickups are reshaping the customer journey, yet sometimes leave us tapping our feet with longer wait times. Hold onto your forks for our special sit-down with Irvi Patel from GoToFoods and Maria Rivera from Small Sliders at the Food on Demand conference, where we'll slice into the rise of delivery-only models and ghost kitchens.

Grab your headphones and prepare to be served a hearty discussion on the self-service revolution. We analyze the impact of apps from culinary giants such as Panera and Chipotle on customer satisfaction and scrutinize how they're performing against the charm of traditional eateries. Get ready for a taste of AI in drive-thrus and the innovative spin on pickup lockers, as we pepper in the challenges and successes that accompany these technological treats. Plus, we'll stir the pot with Grubhub's latest partnership with Hilton, dishing out what it means for your next in-room dining experience.

Articles mentioned in the video:

2. Personalization maturity report from Medallia shows us


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