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What happens when two industry giants like Amazon and Grubhub join forces? This episode unpacks the latest integration that allows Amazon customers to order directly from Grubhub via Amazon's platform. We'll explore the ripple effects this move could have on competitors like DoorDash and Uber Eats, and speculate on further collaborations that might completely reshape the food delivery landscape. Amazon's increased stake in Grubhub is a game-changer, and we dissect the benefits for restaurants and Prime members, as well as consider the ever-growing importance of subscription services in today's market.

Consumer insights researcher Lisa Miller joins us to shed light on the declining trend of delivery services, especially in the full-service restaurant sector, attributing this drop to rising fees and quality issues. We also discuss the potential shift from QR codes to NFC technology for a smoother dining experience and delve into the skepticism surrounding lab-grown meat. Survey findings from YouGov show a significant hesitation among consumers to embrace lab-grown meat, and we analyze how education, branding, and positive messaging can shift public opinion. Tune in for a comprehensive look at the future of restaurant technology and evolving consumer preferences.

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