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Everything you need to build a successful digital restaurant business


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"The next frontier for restaurants is to expand hospitality through technology.  This book reads as a how-to guide for restaurateurs looking to apply technology to benefit the consumer, not just tech for the sake of tech."

Danny Meyer

CEO Union Hospitality Group

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"It’s time for every restaurant to evolve beyond their four walls. As an owner, executive, investor or general manager, this is a MUST read.” 

Greg Creed

Former CEO Yum Brands

Delivering the Digital Restaurant
Your Roadmap to the Future of Food

Learn from the leaders and innovators shaping the future of food in this easy-to-understand overview of how restaurants are digitizing. 

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about THE BOOK

Delivering - The Digital Restaurant explores the world of off premise food and the massive disruption facing American restaurants through first-hand accounts of restaurateurs, food industry veterans and start up entrepreneurs. 


Restaurateurs are experiencing a similar level of disruption to what retailers faced 20 years ago with the birth of mainstream e-commerce. Changing demographics, social interactions, new digital capabilities & expectations, omnichannel fulfillment networks, and a thirst for convenience & variety have shifted how, what and where people are eating their food.  


Much as the 2008 recession sped the disruption of Retail, COVID-19 is speeding the digital disruption of restaurants.  Those who understand will be better positioned to survive and thrive by embracing the innovation that consumers are demanding.  Those who resist will surely be left behind.  This book makes it easy to understand what’s happening, why and how restaurant owners, investors, landlords and patrons should navigate the changes they’re facing and together, shape the future of food.


Broken into five parts, Delivering tells the story of why these changes are happening to the restaurant industry now, what we’ve learned from past attempts, who is leading the innovation, how restaurants can win in the new environment, and finally, where the future is likely to lead.

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10 things This Book Will Teach You

How consumer preferences are driving the shift to more digital restaurant experiences

What a ghost kitchen is, and how it differs from a virtual restaurant

Why change was due in the restaurant industry…even before the COVID-19 pandemic shut dining rooms

How to operate well and work well with gig workers in off-premise service

What we can learn from a category that’s already been through digitization

What LTV:CAC means and why it will change your perception of restaurant marketing and customer relationships

How other countries are more advanced digitally than US restaurants

How to replicate hospitality at scale using digital tools

How to think about profitability in an off-premise context

How the future is likely to continue to evolve

IncludES interviews with 100+ industry experts 

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Lawrence Ingrassia

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