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The Delivering the Digital Restaurant Book Duo Combo

The duo that explained the digital restaurant revolution now brings your restaurant a how-to guide with the Path to Digital Maturity.  Restaurants that survived the pandemic can now step back and consider how to serve digital demand best.


The best-selling, award-winning book - Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food sets out why restaurateurs worldwide must treat digitization seriously. The pandemic then separated digital leaders from all others.  Many restaurants survived but did not thrive - they added digital elements out of necessity, but did not benefit fully.


Delivering the Digital Restaurant: The Path to Digital Maturity outlines how to evolve and grow stronger in off-premise channels. Combining advice from leading experts across operations, marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship, The Path to Digital Maturity shapes the journey you can take to grow your restaurant to new heights. 


These books also give perspective to restaurant technology leaders: how restaurants use the technology they’ve been given and what more must be done to unlock its true power. Full digital maturity will require a new form of technology - software that is more holistic and can better integrate with the operations they support.   


Restaurateurs are now at an inflection point:  Embrace the business model of the future or continue to innovate on the path that got them this far incrementally. Both paths require a strategy, and to reach full digital maturity, difficult decisions must be made to enhance the consumer’s desire for a better off-premise experience.

The Delivering the Digital Restaurant Book Duo Combo

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